Business organization depend upon timely and accurate information while balancing the need for accessibility with security. We offer a variety of hardware, application and tailored application to meets our customer requirements. With scalable architecture that accommodates future technological and workflow, our expertise in key application, offering unique service such as:


Business organizations depen upon timely and accurate information while balancing the need for accessibility with security. finanxial IT, Corp. offers a variety of solutions to meet our customer's requirements with a scalable architecture that accommodates future technologies and workflow. With increasing volumes of business being conducted by digital documents, We will provide you with the necessary tools which facilitate the structured storage, and retrieval of email and all other electronic documents.

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    Cost Recovery Solutions

    Smart Cost Tracking solution that work for your business

    Business incur tremendous administrative cost in servicing their clients and most offices would agree that soft cost represents a significant cost in their day by day activities. Offices are having to justify their fees and costs more ever before, so they need tools to help them demonstrate that their rates are fair and competitive.
    Our strategies are tailored to guide Business and agencies that focus to improve resource management and cost recovery. The methods fall into four groups: Data Collection, Resource Utilization, Direct Cost Recovery and Reporting Engine.


    Data Collection

    The key to effective cost recovery is ensuring that all activities is allocated to a valid user, client-matter, department, etc before transaction begins.


    Resource Utilization

    Effectively manage their printing environments, reduce print costs, increase security and support company sustainability efforts.


    Direct Cost Recovery

    Increase billing and makes it easy to business to allocate services and recover a higher percentage of operation cost.


    Reporting Engine

    Automatically deliver the data you need to make smart decisions about you output environment, allocate cost to a department or bill back your clients.

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    Disaster Recovery

    finanxial IT, Corp. has a deep understanding of the issues facing your business when it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Business challenges are you facing with regards to your IT department are our commitment, that why implementing a successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans are our priority. Our expert will work with you to develop the best approach for your business. We will tailor a specific plan for your organization to deal with potential natural or human induced disasters. Including written plan with all key elements to your business and reflecting your current situation. Taking into consideration the need to meet compliance regulations and minimizing the effects of the disaster and resume critical functions quickly.


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    Network Infrastructure Security


    finanxial IT, Corp. infrastructure modeling provide our Business Partners with a clear vision of each network resource to determine the impact of a realized threat might be, vulnerabilities and any related mitigations. Our team approach to technologies at the network infrastructure is based on using industry standards. This ensures scalable architecture that accommodates future technologies, workflow, specialize security requirements, compliant production and exchange of business information.

    Preserving customer goals, finanxial IT, Corp.’s metrics crafted and customized to fit a company’s specific concerns and needs. Analyzing, discussing, and document security in a structured way which our Business Partners can make informed decisions closely aligned with the company’s strategy and essential capabilities.

    Our security specialist team will find out how your business measures up on risk management standards and implementing an effective risk management protocol. Including effective governance, IT foundation, and awareness of the risk your business will be facing from outsiders or insiders


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    Security virus protection


    finanxial IT, Corp. is second to none when it come to provide your organization with a robust and reliable security virus protection product available in the market. Implementing a complete tool helps administrators build a secure and scalable messaging infrastructure including spam, virus protection, and content filtering with an easy to use administrative interface. Once our security expert team duly examined your requirements, we are confident that our solution will effectively address your needs.

    Companies want more choices when it come to security solutions, and our commitment is to analyze different scenarios and taking into account the strengths and expertise of both companies. We will provide your organization with a solid stand alone or bundled solution to secure your users and your data. finanxial IT, Corp. offers solutions that runs on all supported Windows platforms including 32 or 64 bit Virtual environments. We will provide you organization with every defense available to protect your systems, and to get control of your IT infrastructure.

    An important part of any product or infrastructure is support. Today’s more sophisticated server and networking technologies require higher availability. That means you need more sophisticated virus protection to keep your business up and running at all time. finanxial IT, Corp.’s guaranteed our service level and down time respond. We provide a clear solutions road map and upgrade cycle for the security infrastructure in order to sync with common applications and source systems.


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